Mortgage rates are at a 20 year high, but it’s still below the 40-year average.

Thursday Aug 24th, 2023

Mortgage Rate History Since 1970

You may want to share this with your friends! Mortgage rates are at a 20 year high, but it’s still below the 40-year average. Build equity, refinance later. Yesterday was the best time to buy. Today is the next. Tomorrow is an option. Waiting always creates regret with “I could/should have.” Keep in mind that once rates drop, more buyers will come in the market. That means more competition than there is now! Do you need help to see if you can... [read more]

Appleton Broker Breaking Down the Housing Market For 2023

Monday Feb 13th, 2023

Appleton Broker Breaks Down the 2023 Housing Market

This is a January 2023 Market Update. If you like this kind of information, be sure to like, share, and follow as I will be sharing more informative videos about the real estate market, as well as home selling and home buying tips! Now I want to start off with the reality of 2022, and that is that the 30-year fixed rate in this country doubled over the last year. We started out at around 3.2% back in January a year ago, and we ended up right at around 6.4% as we wrapped up the... [read more]


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