Do You Know How Much Equity You Have?

Friday Apr 26th, 2024


💵💵 Do You Know How Much Equity You Have? 💵💵

👉 Did you know the equity you have in your current house can help make your move possible? 🏡

❓ What is equity❓

Over the years, you gain equity as you pay down your home loan and as home values rise. It can grow faster than you realize.

Americans are sitting on tremendous equity

Over 2/3 of homeowners have either completely paid off their mortgage or have at least 50% equity. 38.7% own their home free and clear. 28.7% have mortgages with over 50% equity. 32.6% have mortgages with less than 50% equity.

According to CoreLogic, the average homeowner with a mortgage has $298,000 in equity. Keep in mind that this is the national average.

Once you sell, you can use it for a larger down payment on your next home, so you’re borrowing less. Or, you may even have enough to be an all-cash buyer.

If you want to find out how much equity you have, let’s connect and get you a Professional Equity Assessment Report.

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